Friday, February 01, 2008

Blogroll Amnesty Day - 3rd February

By Cernig

Many thanks to Jon Swift for reminding me that this Sunday February 3rd will be the first anniversary of Blogroll Amnesty Day. As Jon points out, what started as a blogroll cull be some A-Listers ended up becoming a celebration of diversity and independence by smaller blogs all over the lefty hemisphere of Blogtopia (yes skippy, and we're all very glad you did).

Newshog's transformation to Newshoggers group blog and large uptick in daily readers dates to the surge of energy after that auspicious day. To celebrate this first of what I have no doubt will be many happy returns for this celebratory anniversary I will be hosting a bumper Instahoglets blog round-up, with something from many of our current blogroll and something from many others who aren't on our roll (yet). If you've got a post you want featured, drop me a mail. The address is on the left sidebar.

Jon has a list of other blogs joining in this first annual celebration. Thanks to Skippy for the logo, which is available from his blog.

Update Here's another header, which the inimitable Zencomix says is free for use to anyone posting for Blogroll Amnesty Day. Thanks, Zen.

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