Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Who Needs Satire?

By Cernig

Oh happy day - endless fuel for lefty bloggers' snark has arrived.

Liberal Fascism the blog on NRO.

I'm not sure they meant to suggest the little mustachioed smiley is a caricature of Jonah, but that's how the placement of his name makes it look. Someone fire the graphic designer.

Just to show Jonah's intellectual flexibility, the latest post glowingly recounts how only real fascists have the guts to stand up to other real fascists, without any apparent realisation that such a claim fatally undermines the whole thesis that liberals are both appeasers and fascists.

And that's not the only fun with conservative bloggers out there today.

Update Meanwhile, Brad at Sadly No references this gem from an interview with Jonah:
Jonah Goldberg: The benefit of Bush’s compassionate conservatism [in 2000] was that it was majorly a marketing slogan…

Alex Chadwick: You mean you’re worried Mike Huckabee might actually mean it?

Goldberg: Yes, that’s what I’m terrified of.
And comments: "This is really Jonah’s worldview in a nutshell: it’s perfectly OK to pay lip service to the mindless, inbred rubes that make up your party’s base as long as you don’t follow through on any of your promises to help the poor goobers out...Religion, in Jonah’s world, truly is the Cheetos bag of the masses."

As long as the poor goobers vote for your elite chums, buy your book and respect your authoritay! they're useful idiots, eh Jonah?

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