Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Instahoglets January 9, 2008

By Cernig

Everybody is talking about the aftermath of the NH primaries today.

Here's some of the other stuff that's out there and worth noticing, though.

Cheryl Rofer's "blog-tank" on nuclear policy was a soaring success - one that as Zenpundit points out is capable of repitition on all kinds of issues: "To paraphrase an old revolutionary, brainpower is lying in the streets for the taking."

Bush, in the Middle East, has said that "Iran is a Threat to World Peace" and that "The alliance between our two nations helps guarantee Israel's security as a Jewish state." Not just as a nation, you note. Same old, same old, from Lastgasp Lameduck.

Ian Welsh at the Agonist gives the rush-to-declare-victory crew a short answer on the Surge, and Rep. Wexler provides a longer one. Even military officers can't agree on how successful the Surge has actually been.

In Pakistan, there are reports that Bhutto's killer has been identified but no-one is naming names yet - and a finger of suspicion has been pointed at one of her servants, who drew his finger across his throat while standing near her minuteds before her death.

The next five years of computing according to Bill Gates - no more keyboard and mouse, instead we'll have touch, vision and speech interfaces.

Update I had to add this one - Our own Eric martin, blogging at American Footprints, addresses "Friedman Unit's edition of the serial speculation that the Iraqi government will be replaced with a new, secular, non-partisan and enlightened body". And ably points out that it's just as much a non-starter of a dumbass idea as every other similiar such story.

Update 2 ABC's Blotter manages a great bit of stenography as they write about how Pakistan's Baitullah Mehsud, accused by the Pakistani authorities in the death of Benazir Bhutto, is more of a threat than Mullah Omar or Bin Laden according to those same Pakistani Authorities. Somehow, ABC entirely fails to mention that Musharraf has pardoned Mehsud on three separate occasions in deals. Huckuvva job Mushie - that's really fighting that War on Some Terror! Just how many shares in ABC does the Pakistani military complex own through cutouts anyway?

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