Wednesday, January 09, 2008

What I really love about election season

by shamanic

What I really love about election season is that sentences like this crop up everywhere you look. Josh Marshall: "And as someone who likes politics and loves his country I can't see any reason not to be pleased with that result."

There's nothing like considering our future to make us all nakedly patriotic. In our hearts, we're all stupidly in love with the dream of America, the one where we and our neighbors go to the polls in snowy towns and on rainy days and literally change the world. We renew ourselves each election cycle, however dirty they get and whatever the results. We put our stamp on a nation that is older than us and which will outlive us, but in this moment when it's ours, we leap at the chance to make it in our own image.

That's what I really love about election season.

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