Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Oh, John

by shamanic

I'm really unhappy to see news today that John Edwards took a shot at Hillary for experiencing, and showing, emotions on the campaign trail.

I feel compelled to turn this around on him, because quite honestly, if you look at America today and don't get choked up about the state of our nation, I don't think you really understand the situation well enough to be president.

The video that's linked in the article is quite touching, and shows absolutely nothing that I haven't experienced or witnessed within my own (largely female) group of friends in this decade. My God, was he here for Katrina? Did he sleep through our invasion of a sovereign nation that posed no threat to us, using air strikes and "shock and awe" to drive home the point that we're the toughest kid on the block?

So Mr. Edwards, my question is: Why don't you sometimes get choked up out there, with the sleep deprivation and the bewilderment of constant travel and the drain of talking one-on-one with hundreds of people every day? Why don't you sometimes feel what the rest of us feel?

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