Friday, January 11, 2008

McCain in SC

by shamanic

I'm fascinated to see that McCain is now polling ahead of Huckabee in South Carolina. After the drubbing he took there in 2000, and the dirty way it was conducted, I bet a victory in the Southern Firewall state would be incomparably satisfying. I would be satisfied with that result, despite my belief that McCain is by far the strongest of the contenders on the GOP side. There's something about fairness that keeps kicking around in my head, and McCain winning SC would restore my sense that there is a measure of balance in our politics, however late it arrives.

Also, I suspect the Republicans of South Carolina are considering whether Mike Huckabee could successfully bear their standard in the fall, and that he's coming up short in their estimation. I have no doubt that he's a nice guy and he's certainly funny, but he's not well informed. Whoever the next president is, he or she needs to be the smartest, most curious kid in the class.

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