Friday, January 11, 2008

Kos endorses Romney

No, Kos hasn't turned into a Republican but he makes a pretty good case for Michigan Democrats to vote Republican in the primaries and cast a ballot of Romney. His logic is that it's in the Democrats' best interest to keep the contest candidate rich and if Romney doesn't win he'll be out and the GOP bloodbath will get that much smaller.

Since I blog in Detroit, I've been pushing for the same tactics myself although I've been asking people to vote for Ron Paul. Others have suggested voting for Huckabee to embarrass the GOP. For myself, I'm getting rather nervous about Huckabee's national numbers and don't want to see him build much more mo'. I have a feeling he might turn to be harder to beat than we think he is but in general I think it's a great idea for the Michigan Dems to influence the GOP outcome.

In any event, what a great primary season this is turning out to be. Every primary is interesting for the first time in decades. I mean Nevada hasn't even been on the radar screen in years and this time around, Hillary is going door to door looking for votes.

Who would have predicted a year ago that we would see politicking on a person to person level like this? I love it.

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