Monday, January 07, 2008

Kristol krazy about Huckabee?

By Libby

I've been thinking the way to deal with Billy Kristol's new gig at the NYT is to ignore him and hope he gets fired but I'm going to break that rule today because it is puzzling to see him talking nice about Huckabee. Besides, the Memeorandum is full of reactions and speculations as to his motive.

Matt thinks it might be a trick, Jim Henley thinks Billy might actually believe it and finds himself rethinking Huck himself. For myself, I've been watching the Huckamo' grow and am beginning to wonder myself whether he might not really have a shot at the nomination. Furthermore, the more I see of him, the less certain I am about how easy he would be to beat in the general. Never underestimate the power of a fundie preacher is my motto, especially one that really knows how to play a guitar.

But getting back to Kristol's column, TBogg has the ultimate shorter version and puts his finger on what worries me about Huck. The bloodlusting cons could easily pull out their bag of dirty tricks to get him elected and mold him into their next useful dupe.

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