Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Iowa polls drive me crazy

by shamanic

I hope you had a fantastic NYE and were able to kiss someone important at the stroke of midnight. I kissed no one last night, which was a fitting end for what I've come to think of as my year of living celibately. Mike Huckabee is so proud of me right now! Anyway, there's some news this morning.

While I find Andrew Sullivan's "Know hope" tag line for stuff he likes pretty much insufferable, I really do hope that the poll he cites here is showing something real. It puts Obama ahead in Iowa, which would be fantastically good news for us furiously Bush deranged Dems who want a principled and sincere leader for our country who will govern through a process of inclusion. We haters are a crusty bunch who are only out to destroy America, after all.

Iowa polling is so confusing and the caucus process, especially on the Dem side, so odd that it's hard to tell if any of these polls reflect anything at all. We'll know in two days. In the meantime: Know confusion.

Then again, if the poll is right it means I have to buy liquor for at least some of my colleagues. Ouch.

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