Monday, December 17, 2007

Thanking the good guys

by shamanic

One thing I did on Friday was e-mail the realtor and mortgage broker who helped me buy my house in 2006, thanking them for being the good guys.

This is the first house I've ever owned, and the process was daunting and stressful for me. At the time, I was grateful to them for easing those factors as much as they possibly could. Now, watching the mortgage crisis seemingly escalate by the day, I had to thank them for ensuring that I was in my home in a sustainable way.

I remember when I first talked to them about my distaste for adjustable rate mortgages and so forth, telling them that under no circumstances would I gamble with such a large investment. The looks on both of their faces told me that even then, in the spring of 2006, they had concluded that risky mortgages were on par with defecating on the carpet.

If you've purchased a home in the last few years and got an honorable deal from ethical people in the realty industry, you might consider pointing that out to them. Good behavior should be rewarded, especially because in that industry, there's clearly an awful lot of bad behavior.

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