Saturday, December 15, 2007

Road hazards for Huckabee?

By Libby

Everybody has a gimmick. Romney has his camper. Ron Paul has a blimp and a hotties calendar, but all Huckabee gets is windshields. It is kind of a clever idea but isn't it illegal to block your vision? I know it was in Massachusetts. For a while they were even stopping people for having too much stuff hanging off their rearview mirrors. And I keep hearing about people getting arrested for holding anti-war signs on highway overpasses because they're allegedly creating road hazards. I don't see how that's more of a hazard than encouraging drivers to tailgate so they read what's written on your car. [h/t Lester]

On a completely different note, tis the season for Christmas parodies and I found this amusing. It's a Blunderful Life. [h/t Avedon]

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