Sunday, December 02, 2007

Republican party dissolves in Wisconsin

By Libby

This amusing item slipped under the radar today. Via Steven Reynolds I see the Brown County Republicans have disbanded their Green Bay area chapter, "after its chairman was arrested for child enticement and the party couldn 't muster enough officers to pick a new leader."

That move, for all practical purposes, dissolved the party. Priebus said the state GOP can now call Brown County Republicans together to pick officers and start the county chapter anew. Priebus said the state party expects to call meetings soon and hold an officers election within the next two months. [...]

"We 're more or less coming in and fixing a technical problem they couldn 't fix themselves, " Priebus said. "Obviously, Brown County is extremely important in the 2008 election. We 're going to take this as an opportunity to rebuild Brown County and make it one of the strongest in the state. "

Salacious details at the link but I don't think their pedophilic chair was the only reason they couldn't muster a quorum. When the GOP has to appeal to the ego of billionaires to find candiates to run for office, one might assume that the Republican brand in general just isn't selling that well these days.

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