Thursday, December 20, 2007

Polish-German Border Dissolves

As of midnight today, central European time, the Germany/Poland border - one of the most fought over borders on earth - is no more.

While across the bond American doomsayers talk about the supposed coming Caliphate of Europe, they fail to mention that most European nations' immigrants technically aren't immigrants at all, coming as they do from a united Europe. Where Poles used to be illegal immigrants to Britain, for instance, now they're neither illegal nor, technically, immigrants. Such a move redefines a kneejerk non-problem of artificial categories into insignificance and those who travel to settle elsewhere are responsible for growth in economies at home (by sending money, opening new trading markets, creating a mobile labor market) as well as where they end up. It's a great argument for an open borders out-of-the-box answer to illegal immigration.

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