Thursday, December 20, 2007

Gasp! Kurdish Non-Democracy!

By Cernig

It looks to me like Talibani's son needs to get around to the Corner's offices P.D.Q. with a barrow-load of that Kurdish lobbyist cash.
Backsliding on Democracy in Iraqi Kurdistan [Michael Rubin]
Iraqi Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani rejects a new press law on the grounds that any criticism should be constructive. That which he decides is not constructive, for example, articles that question the opacity of Barzani's financial practices, may saddle newspapers, editors, and journalists with large fines. Under Barzani's current practice, abuses such as this occur.
I mean, if conservatives start accepting that Kurdish Iraq isn't the bright and shining paragon of democracy and free enterprise they've always held it up to be - well, where might it end? The Bush administration might stop protecting Kurdish enablers of terrorism from the Turks, for one thing.

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