Monday, December 10, 2007

Missing your TV favorites?

By Libby

I've seen this link on several blogs. FireDogLake has put together a handy point and click letter for you to write to the Hollywood honchos and tell them to pay their writers a decent wage already. Of course, it's customizable but again, the template will do. With these mass mailings, they're more likely to count the numbers than actually read the letters. But if you do nothing, expect re-runs forever because the studios are hunkering down and trying to break the strike. Fight for your fellow workers.

Most interesting to me was that you have to choose which show to write to from a drop down menu. It's a long list. I only recognized about a dozen of the programs. I guess I really am out of touch with pop culture. I mean, Cashmere Mafia, Gossip Girl, Two and a half Men? Who are these people? I wrote to House. That's the only one I watch consistently.

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