Monday, December 17, 2007

Lieberman makes GOP status official

By Libby

In a development that will surprise nobody, "Lying" Joe Lieberman finally showed his true colors and repaid his debt to the GOP for having rescued his candidacy back in 06, by endorsing McCain for president. It's about time he stopped pretending to be an Independent. His co-depency on the GOP has been painfully apparent since he sold his soul to them to retain his seat.

What effect this will have on McCain's candidacy will be interesting to watch. Yahoo news is calling it the kiss of death. It's difficult to see how it could help much. Who really listens to Lieberman anymore anyway and a poll taken in Connecticut a few months ago indicated that if the voters had it to do over, they would not have voted him back in.

Lieberman is just a bad joke of the Beltway. I'm figuring it's going to be good for a couple of news cycles and no one will really care past that. I doubt it will give McCain much of a bump.

Update by Cernig

Even though Lieberman's endorsement should feel like being french-kissed by the town slut - he said he wanted a Dem in the White House in '08 then didn't even wait to see who would be the Dem nominee - moderate Republicans seem to be coming to think of McCain as the best of a very bad lot. Dr. Steven Taylor writes:
Despite his standing in the polls at the moment, I continue to think that McCain has a real chance to win the nomination, given the nature of the field. Consider the following: if Romney is too Mormon, too plastic and/or too flip-floppy, Rudy too socially liberal, odd and/or authoritarian, Huckabee too steeped in religion/Sunday School foreign policy and/or too fiscally liberal, and Thompson too lazy and/or empty, then does that make McCain the leftover alternative, even with his baggage within the party?
And James Joyner, in Steven's comments, concurs.

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