Sunday, December 23, 2007

Edwards answers on FISA

By Libby

Chip Reid
, with tongue in cheek, complains that following Edwards on the campaign trail is boring because he never makes any mistakes. He notes John is a personable guy, easy to like, but has tremendous message discipline and doesn't provide the kind of verbal gaffes that give Chip an easy hook for a gotcha piece.

Edwards internet team is on the ball as well. It took them a few days to respond to my email about supporting Dodd's filibuster of the FISA bill and although I'm sure it's a template of some kind with canned language, it was personalized in a way that gave the impression of a personalized response. Since it relates to my earlier post today on the candidate's positions, I thought it worth posting the main points of the email.

Our government should protect the privacy, communications, and personal records of Americans-not spy on them without court supervision as the Bush Administration has done. John Edwards will end the warrantless wiretapping of Americans' phone calls and e-mails and the data-mining of Americans' communications and personal records, restoring judicial review to surveillance of American citizens. He will also reject retroactive immunity for telecommunications companies.

John Edwards will also fix the Patriot Act by restoring important safeguards to the provisions most susceptible to abuse: the "sneak-and-peek" delayed-notice searches, National Security Letters, and the business and library records provisions. He will also end racial profiling by law enforcement.

Sounds good to me. Kind of mitigates the less than reassuring answer on executive privilege.

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