Sunday, December 23, 2007

The candidates on presidential powers

By Libby

Charlie Savage posts an excellent piece on the candidates' positions on executive power, something Cernig has been asking for since last May. All but three answered, Giuliani, Huckabee, and Thompson. Their silence speaks volumes but the answers provided by the responsive candidates are equally enlightening.

Glenn Greenwald does his usual thorough parsing of Romney's position, which is truly frightening. Shorter version: Bush didn't go far enough in grabbing extraconstitutional authority. When I'm King, no one will dare gainsay me.

Emptywheel runs down the Dems responses to this question. "Does executive privilege cover testimony or documents about decision-making within the executive branch not involving confidential advice communicated to the president himself?"

The three Democratic frontrunners parsed their answers carefully, with Clinton taking the most cautious stance. Not surprising considering her husband's brushes with overzealous GOP witch hunts during his administration. Obama thinks the question isn't settled and Edwards thinks it's olay if not used for partisan purposes. What would define a purpose as partisan, he doesn't say.

The only answer that satisfied me, was Dodd's. He just said no.

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