Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Dereg and the fuel tanker explosion

By Libby

A parable for my "small government" loving friends. This is what happens when you let the trucking industry self-regulate. You diminish mandatory driver safety requirements, you get bad drivers and you hear stories like this.

Chris Barrow said he awoke to a loud bang and jumped into his car as he saw flames coming toward his home. But as he started to drive away, Barrow realized that the car was on fire. He got out of the vehicle and ran.

You can see some raw footage if you scroll up to the top of the video section on the main page. It's like a Die Hard movie.

Some things you need a government for and this is one of them. It appears to me this was a preventable accident. The moral of the story being, without strong, centralized safety regulations, you'll see more fuel, and other hazardous cargo trucks, overturning in densely populated cities.

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