Sunday, November 25, 2007

There Are Damn Few Moonbats In Surrey, Michelle (And Sister Toldjah)

By Cernig

My colleague Shamanic already noted the shameful tale of locals abusing disabled veterans at a swimming pool in Leatherhead, UK. The story has been carried by the two most conservative newspapers in Britain - the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph - perhaps as reminders to their affluent, middle-class, conservative readers that they shouldn't be too open in their contempt for the lower-class "Tommies" of the armed forces.

Michelle Malkin writes that the story shows that "Britain has a potent strain of moonbat virus going around". I've news for Michelle - there are damn few moonbats in Surrey.

The Mole Valley parliamentary constituency has been staunchly conservative since its creation in the 80's and has been the sinecure of exactly two conservatives with very safe majorities in all those years - both cronies of Margaret Thatcher, a Conservative warmonger praised by the U.S. extreme Right who always treated the Tommies exactly as described by Kipling.

At the last local election, Surrey County Council returned an overwhelmingly conservative majority - as it has in every election in living memory. The local council, Mole Valley, that takes in the town of Leatherhead where this incident took place is also staunchly conservative and always has been. Leatherhead itself is the kind of "caring conservative" place where most of the local Royal School for the Blind has been sold off as private apartments.

The story, as presented in the press, notes that the main complainer's argument was that "the soldiers did not deserve to be there when she had paid." With such a fixation on money coming before humanity, this is yet another textbook case of wingnut "I'm alright, Jack" thinking.

Update: Sister Won't-Tell-Ya.

U.S. Republican blogger Sister Toldjah heads her post on this story: “Compassionate liberalism” rears its ugly head again. I dropped a comment pointing out that Leatherhead, Surrey is staunch conservative heartland, linking to this post, and wrote that if she would like to condemn the conservative NIMBY attitude that leads to stuff like this I'd be happy to join her in doing so.

She deleted the comment.

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