Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"It's getting to be midnight"

by shamanic

Gotta agree with Donna Brazile, who tells Dem candidates, "I want to see if John Edwards will say to Hillary Clinton in front of everyone: 'You're not electable, and you know it, and you're going to hurt people down the ballot. It's time to stop whispering. It's getting to be midnight."

Often, elections go to the candidate who wants it more, and if there's another Democrat who wants it more than Hillary, it's past time to step it up. This is part of the reason why the Obama-Donnie McClurken-South Carolina controversy is so bad, because it's mired him in lousy headlines among a natural constituency for a week at a critical time in the campaign. I don't know if Digby is right that Obama is trying to Sister Soljah gays in order to reach African American voters in South Carolina, but if it costs him votes in other places (and it could cost him mine here in Georgia. Last night I was considering a protest vote for Kucinich, who is as uncompromising in his support of gay equality as he is hopeless in the election) then I don't know if he's gained.

Then again. our election system is so weird that maybe a strong showing in SC is necessary to save him, and a quick shout out to gay haters is a key element of his strategy. I'm hugely disappointed, and Kucinich looks like an easier primary vote by the day.

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