Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The 2008 slugfest

by shamanic

Looking at these Rasmussen numbers, I can't help but think that once the primaries conclude (and it looks like in every meaningful sense of the word, that'll be in February), we're going to be treated to a nearly year-long slugfest between Hillary Clinton and whoever ends up the Republican nominee.

What will they be jabbing each other for? About 3-5% of the electorate - the number that will take either one to the coveted 50.1% on election day next November.

It gives me a headache, particularly the idea that I'll be penning supportive screeds about Hillary Clinton against whichever poor bastard eventually energizes enough Republicans to win the nomination.

I'm still hoping for a topsy turvey primary process, where Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee make surprisingly strong showings and Rudy, Mitt, and Fred all have to scramble. Edwards comes in strong in Iowa and Obama somehow pulls out a tough second in New Hampshire. Something. I'd like there to be some sense that voters are continuing to evaluate the candidates, not merely crowning the presumed front runners in a quest for their party to triumph.

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