Thursday, October 18, 2007

Instahoglets October 18, 2007

As annoyingly and mysteriously pathetic as they have been been so far, its not the Democrats who are jumping the party ship (except as yet for Larry Craig--provide you own jokes) .

Bush has decided to say "Goodbye Mr. SCHIP's" to stay "relevant" ( 20% of the population. Who ARE these people, childless evangelical free-marketers?) whilst threatening WW-III but blaming it on the other guy. Oh yeah, and in my neighborhood Christmas decorations are already going up, but there's lots more stuff going.

War and Terror

Cut To The Chase—who is the terrorist, who is the “threat”?

Hootsbuddy’s Place—Another body-count the US “doesn’t do” is the number of Iraqi refugees, but Jordan does--it has to. Video as well.

Big Brass Blog---Excerpt from the Sutras of Abu Ghraib by Aidan Delgado, an Iraq War veteran who became a conscientious objector.

Do You Have an Appointment?

Middle Earth Journalron casts a pithy and skeptical eye on prospective AG Mukasey’s words and deeds (and just a few hours after his post his his caution seems well founded) .

Unbossed—every day is “opposite day” (tm. Calvin and Hobbes) in the Bush administration when it comes to federal appointments. What do you suppose the new Dep. Asst. Secretary for National Transportation Safety cares about more than anything else? The tyranny of seatbelts, that’s what!

Politics Can be Fun!

If I Ran The Zoo (also No More Mister Nice Blog)--steve m. loves to chew on Mark Steyn and get to the crunchy center, and then smash it into a gazillion pieces.

Blue Gal—Posts a brilliantly concise, substantive and very amusing pro-Dennis Kucinich video based on “Leave It to Beaver”.

News You Can Use, Every Day

Shadow of the Hegemon—could big news be any smaller? Amazon’s “one-click" patent has been struck down. Demosthenes suggests a couple of important ramifications, but I’m sure you can think of many more.

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