Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Instahoglets October 10th 2007

One day of cool and now it's back into the 80's again--it's like there's something wrong with the weather! And speaking of things that are wrong....

Where Is the Outrage—The reason they’re called reason conservatives is that they haven’t changed one bit in over 200 years.

Total Information Awareness---In a follow-up on that Israeli bombing of Syrians for being Syrians, Eric Martin helps noobie military analyst Kevin Drum find a clue.

Iran Affairs-- illuminates the dangerous logical conundrum of the “State Secrecy Privilege invoked for the el-Masri case with a recent equivalent case that slipped through the cracks.

Left Coaster—Don’t believe the first thing you read in the press about Hillary Clinton on any given day—its probably wrong.

The Democratic Daily--The difference between public interest investigative reporting and special interest harassment (re- Graeme Frost and other stories like it), explained by example in pertinent and fascinating detail.

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