Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A funny thing happens when the Fairness Doctrine comes up...

by shamanic

I encourage you to carefully read this piece in The Hill and tell me whether the article is about Democrats pushing legislation for a Fairness Doctrine that would impact radio stations.

No, indeed it is not. Instead, Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana is beating his hobby horse to The Hill again, and just in time for idiots like Michelle to pick it up and run with it under the heading "Fairness Doctrine Watch".

I've already posted my opposition to a Fairness Doctrine that would impact talk radio and other political-entertainment media. Hell, technically a fairness doctrine could impact bloggers or group blogs, which makes the situation rather personal. I can disclaim: there are conservative blogs around. I linked to one in the paragraph above. If you need balance.... well, Michelle is more of a partisan hit person than anything else. You've been warned.

If a fairness doctrine is reinstated, it should narrowly apply to news organizations and only news organizations. Rush Limbaugh ain't that. Rachel Maddow ain't that. These are not journalists, they are talk show hosts. If listeners can't discern their (or my) bias then we're in more trouble than we can manage.

Speaking of fairness, The Hill really should explain to readers that Pence isn't standing firm against pending legislation. He's campaigning against what is for now imaginary legislation that he can use to rile up the Republicans everywhere.

If congressional Democrats launch some sweeping Fairness Doctrine legislation, I'll be right there with him opposing it, but until it happens... sheesh, isn't there a war on or something?

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