Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Bush not going to Iranian university

by shamanic

While I don't disagree with the White House's decision to laugh off the invitation from an Iranian University to do a Q&A with students and professors, I had to chuckle when I read Dana Perino's assertion that "Mr. Bush might consider making the trip if Iran was a free and democratic society and allowed its people freedom of expression" (not her quote, but a paraphrase from the article).

Right, our boy George is all about interfacing with the masses, especially in front of potentially hostile crowds. Even here in America, Bush rarely opens himself up to questions, and his public appearances are almost always in front of pre-screened audiences. Remember the "Republican loyalty oath" that local GOP groups were forcing attendees to sign if Americans wanted to see their president speak a few years back?

Yeah, the issue is totally that Iran has crap leadership, not that George hates being questioned and hates even more having to answer to the people he's supposed to represent.

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