Thursday, October 25, 2007

Andrew Sullivan's Venom

by shamanic

I'm an Obama supporter as well, but I'm not blind. He hasn't gained the traction that I thought he would have; he hasn't stoked the fires (not a timely metaphor, granted) that were lit by his announcement. I don't know why, but the more I read Andrew Sullivan go off the deep end about Hillary Clinton, the more palatable she becomes.

I can't say why, exactly. I read the man daily and respect his point of view consistently, but I think there's something left over from his brutal assaults on those of us who opposed a war he now opposes that makes me question his judgment on important matters. I think I see a similar kind of vitriol, a repeat of his earlier shrieking, that makes me think he's simply wrong.

Obviously, he was part of the establishment press in the '90s and had a much more up-close interaction with the Clintons than I did from my home in Georgia the first time through, so I can't discount his opinions, but they're coated in so much bile.

I'm going to vote for Obama in the Georgia primary, but I fully expect Hillary Clinton to be the nominee for 2008. I'll vote for her in the general. She'll be a much better president than Bush has been.

Here's an admission you can accept with whatever vitriol you want: I sat out the 2000 election. Andrew despises Al Gore as well as Hillary, and in 2000 I was pretty wired in and heard all the arguments and couldn't bring myself to vote for either candidate. It was Georgia, my vote wouldn't have made a difference, but I suspect I'm emblematic of a decent number of people. Maybe that's my issue. I listened to people like Andrew in 2000 and got stuck with the worst president I can imagine. Never again, Andrew. The more - and the more relentlessly - you flame, the more palatable she becomes to me. I listened to people like you before, and even you're appalled by the results. No more.

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