Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A tale of two Generals

By Libby

Blogtopia continues to make a mockery of Michael Skube's silly screed -- by example. Neither the Wall Street Journal or Washington Times wanted to consider" Gen Batiste's Op-Ed so you have to go to Think Progress to see it.
Over a year and a half ago, I made a gut-wrenching decision to leave the Army in order to speak out about the war in Iraq. I turned my back on over 31 years of service and what by all accounts would have been a great career. I realized that I was in a unique position to speak out on behalf of Soldiers and their families. I had a moral obligation and duty to do so. My family and I left the only life we knew and entered the political debate. As a two-time combat veteran, I understand the value of thorough planning and deliberate execution. I understand what it takes to win. As a life-long Republican, I am prepared to carry on with the debate for as long as necessary. I have been speaking out for the past 17 months and there is no turning back. [...]

Our military and our treasury are not unlimited resources. The war in Iraq is breaking our fine Army and Marine Corps, and we are perilously close to doing damage that will take more than a decade to fix. Our brigades and divisions in Iraq today are at near full strength because the rest of the force has been gutted. We cannot place America in a position of weakness as it just begins its long war against world-wide Islamic extremism. The Republican administration is bleeding our national treasure in blood and dollars with little to show for it.

The General is credible defector to me. He broke ranks way early and he gave up a promising career to voice his dissent. All the Johnny-come-latelys that bail now to save their own skin don't impress me much. Mostly they piss me off for knowing what was going on was wrong and staying silent for the money.

When I think about what I admire in people who are drawn to a military career, it's exactly the sort of commitment to honor over personal ambition that I hold in the most regard. Their strength of purpose in the dedication of service to the higher cause of the good of the country inspires me to awe.

General Batiste demonstrates those qualities in abundance and has my utmost respect. On the other hand, General Petreaus, who will betray us to further his own career, has has none with me. The hell of it is, Petreaus will get all the media attention for his politically driven PR while Batiste, a real tactician, will be blacked out.

Small wonder Americans are clueless. They depend on the major media to keep them informed on what's important. Contrary to Skube's ridiculous contention, it doesn't.

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