Thursday, August 23, 2007

Kurdish Terror Group Claims Has Iran's Plans For Iraq Invasion

By Cernig

The Kurdish seperatist movement blog claims today that the PKK terror group has obtained the plans for a joint Turkish/Iranian invasion of Kurdish Iraq from a dissident military officer.
NEWSDESK, Aug 23 ( - An alleged secret Iranian war plan outlines aggressive military operations in coordination with the Turkish army to capture Kurdish land in northern Iraq to create a buffer zone, Kurdish sources close to the PKK says. The primary objective is to sabotage a possible blitz by American ground troops into Iran. The information was disclosed by a dissident Iranian military official.

The Iranian pretext for the offensive into southern Kurdistan will be to root out and destroy PKK forces along the border with eastern [Iranian] Kurdistan.

“Iran has since last year tested the territorial integrity of Iraq and the KRG with incursions into south Kurdistan. The areas along Kurdish-controlled northern Iraq bordering Iran have been shelled by Iranian artillery and raiders have conducted one-day operations several kilometers into what is officially Iraqi territory. The Iraqi and American silence has encouraged them and they’re continuing to push the limits,” a PKK-source told
The PKK claims to possess detailled plans:
The operations will start with an offensive against PKK’s military units, but the real aim will be to capture border areas to push a possible American front further from the official Iranian border.

Turkey will give air support to Iranian ground troops with attack helicopters. The Turkish helicopters will lift and land in Urmiye. A small number of Turkish special forces consisting of privates and NCO’s will act as tactical support, advising invading Iranian troops. Turkish officers will remain in Operational HQ’s on Iranian soil coordinating the Turkish troops embedded into the Iranian army. Turkish troops will wear Iranian uniforms or Kurdish pro-Iranian paramilitary uniforms.

Any support to Iranian troops, open or covert, by the Kurdish PUK will be rewarded by Iran. Iran will then hand over PKK-controlled areas such as Asos, Martyr Harun, Martyr Ayhan and Qandil to the PUK. It is not known whether PUK has accepted or declined the offer.

Coinciding with the Iranian incursion, Turkey will conduct enormous military operations against PKK forces in the border provinces of Hakkari, Van and Sirnak.
Now, it seems pretty obvious to me that the PKK has good reason to create a narrative for paranoid U.S. intelligence analysts and rightwing pundits which will transform cross-border hot-pursuit operations against these recognised terrorists into a massive conspiracy aimed at U.S. forces. The aim is simple - to gain the protection of American troops because the U.S. may have no option but to 'address the threat' even if they believe it to be self-serving bunkum. But you can bet that some of the "bomb, bomb, bomb Iran" crowd will take this faked-up conspiracy theory seriously.

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