Thursday, August 30, 2007

Instahoglets August 30th 2007

By Cernig

It's always intersting to head down a path that isn't on the A-List track. Some good stuff out there today.

  • bastard.logic - "Alright, we get the point Tucker. You’re so not gay; you’re apparently an unindicted (and unrepentant) violent hate criminal."

  • Main & Central - Lurch wonders why the Iraqi government are bothering with an investigation of the violence in Kerbala, since the US military has already managed to divine from reading stealthed tea-leaves that Mookie's to blame.

  • PSoTD - Pennsylvania may decide to delay school opening until after Labor Day in future - because the amusement parks need the cheap labor.

  • Avedon at The Sideshow - While Democrats are split on whether to be sheep, Republicans care more about catching Democrats than catching terrorists.

  • State of the Day - Pentagon commanders intend to make sure Bush stands alone as the Decider over the upcoming Iraq report by making it clear that whatever course is followed is the president's decision, not what commanders agreed on.

    I'm going to try hard to make this feature more frequent, but also have less links per post so as to be able to properly showcase some of the bloggers on our blogroll. I hope folks like the new format.
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