Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Catapulting The Propaganda For A New War

By Cernig

Today's spouting of neocon revisionist history by Bush, along with other recent similiar absurd statements from other prominent Republicans, reminds me rather forcibly of another moment in history where war-thirsty rightwing leaders claimed their nation hadn't lost a past war and blamed the perception of loss on the radical left and a supposedly left-wing controlled media.

The occasion was Germany in the 1930's and the war they were talking about was the Great War - concluded by the Treaty of Versailles which, co-incidentally, created most of the modern Middle East's national boundaries. The outcome of that media blitz to revise history was an all too real blitz raining down on innocent heads.

It seems non-revisionist history might repeat itself. Ex-CIA analyst Robert Baer is sure it will - and given that the causus belli of the Iranian alleged nuclear weapons program has recently moved closer to peaceful solution, the favorite cause has become supposed Iranian meddling in Iraq. The evidence for such meddling on any war-justifying scale is flimsy at best but is being given a pass by the mainstream media.

The neoconservatives have an inside track to the current White House, however, and are becoming more and more open about saying they want Bush to bomb Iran before his term ends. Catapulting the propaganda that the neocon misadventure hasn't failed in Iraq is an important part of preparing the political ground for such a war. As is the notion, currently being barfed up by various rightwing sock-puppets, that any attack on Iran can be an essentially "cost free" punishment raid or raids.

They are, just like those warmongers of the 30's, lying through their teeth.

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