Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Attack Of The Neocon Pod-People

By Cernig

So now we know, Dubya listens to the same revisionist neocon historians as Rudy G does. Both have now stood up in public and delivered a version of history so warped that it could easily have been written by alien pod-people having only a passing familiarity with Earth.

These pod-people - N-Pod, J-Pod and their neocon brethren - have spent the last five years telling us Iraq would never be anything like Vietnam. But now that the parallels are becoming ever more obvious, they've spun a new through-the-looking-glass reality of their very own where Iraq is like Vietnam - just not in the way everyone thought.

Their astounding, reality-denying premise is that Iraq is like Vietnam because the lefties convinced America to pull out too soon in Vietnam and could do so again, just as the fighting keyboardists military messiah, eight-star Saint-General David Petraeus is about to assure "victory".

Yep, it's a new spin on the Scooby Doo Villain Excuse.

The amazing thing to me is that a lot of the usual suspects now trotting out this wild-eyed revisionist claptrap are, by most accounts, well-read and intelligent people. Even Jules.

So I'm left with one of two options to explain such nonsense, which is on a par with the Confederate re-enactors who take things a wee bit too far and deny the South ever lost the Civil War. Either they are bats**t crazy to the point where their grip on this dimension has reached the outer limits, or they know they are bulls**ting for purely partisan and pedestrian political face-saving purposes.

And the only people willing to act as if they believe these delusional Republicans are the timid Democrats of D.C. (Update - hmm, maybe not even them.)

Trust me, the rest of the world was watching carefully all along and we know which ones you lost. Funnily enough, it tends to be the ones started for no good reason. Out there in the rest of the world, we call that poetic justice.

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