Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Republican Candidate Polls - Flat and Flatter

By Cernig

James Joyner has a couple of well-written posts this morning on the flat or dropping poll figures of all the frontrunning GOP candidates for the presidential nomination. He notes that Romney is "a distant fourth and within the margin of error of Newt Gingrich" while wondering whether Mitt can ever raise money from anyone not named Mitt Romney. He also notes that "Giuliani’s numbers have been essentially static" and concludes:
The real question is whether his “9/11 hero” status will continue to inoculate him from positions on social issues that would doom just about any other contender for the Republican nomination.
Meanwhile, the graphs he has suggest that Fred!, after a couple of rushes, is now going nowhere fast in terms of poll numbers. It seems a candidate, even one running under so many false flags as Fred!, can only play cute with declaring for so long before folks decide he's being too cute for his own good.

So, as AP noted yesterday, it's back to "none of the above" for many GOP voters - for obvious reasons.

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