Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Deport 'Em Now!!!!

by shamanic

I see that the crew at Hot Air is now heading up the latest bit of nativist drivel ("criminal alien rapists!") and pushing a new "Deport Them Now!" campaign. You know, before those "criminal aliens destroy the American dream." And, uh, "Our safety and sovereignty are at stake."

Well count me in. I do so hate the hordes of criminal alien rapists destroying our dreams of sovereignty, or whatever, so in solidarity (is that too socialist?) with Michelle and friends, I am proud to unveil the latest offering at the Newshoggers store, the handsome "Who Would Jesus Deport?" line:
Offered in a range of styles and colors, plus a handsome tote bag in which to carry all your alien-hunting surveillance gear, the "Who Would Jesus Deport?" line from Newshoggers makes all the statement you'll need when it comes to the immigration battle.

Adding... I hope it's understood that I'm not pushing t-shirts because I want to sell a bunch of t-shirts, but rather it's a visual medium that I find especially comical. Political satire on casual wear is just extra teh funny, in my view.

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