Friday, July 20, 2007

Iraqi Ba'Aths Try To Form Cross-Sectarian Political Front

By Cernig

It appears that the newest curve Iraq is throwing a U.S. occupation that has always been at least six months behind the curve will be cross-sectarian political fronts for resistance movements.

From Baghdad Dweller blog:
Wasn’t 24 hours since the Guardian reported the new political alliance of Iraqi resistance groups, that’s excludes Al-qaeda and Ba’ath Party.

Alquds newspaper exclusively reported that Ba’ath party to form its own alliance with other Iraqi Islamic resistance groups.

According Alquds, the new alliance is still in the negotiations stage, and a conference will be organized soon with participation of these groups:

- Jaish Almurabiteen.

- Jihad and liberation Brigades.

- Muhammad Alfatih Army.

- Salah Aldin Brigades.

- Azadi brigades.

- Imam Ali Brigades.

- Al-Hussein Brigades.

Invited to the conference:

- National Arab Progressive Wing.

- Sheikh Jawad al-Khalisi.

- Iraqi Front for Resistance and Liberation.

- The Association of Muslim Scholars.

Interesting is: This is a Sunni - Shiites political alliance, in case you didn’t notice that.
Recent public announcements of attempts to form cross-sectarian coalitions in Iraq have been hailed by pro-occupation pundits as a sign of improvement. However, nationalist Iraqi pundits have been saying all along that this kind of cross-sectarian co-operation is the norm, rather than the exception, and that the main vehicles behind a breakdown into sectarian civil war have been external. The primary igniter of violence has been attacks designed to foister sectarian conflict by the likes of Al Qaeda, they agree - but they go on to say that such attacks wouldn't have had that effect were it not for devisive political decisions by the Coaltion Provisional Authority and later occupation-sponsored government laying the groundwork for ignition.

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