Friday, July 20, 2007

Cheney Will Be President Pro-Tem Tomorrow

By Cernig

I know that Bush has temporarily handed over the presidency before without untoward consequences. But that was 2002, when Cheney was riding high and didn't need to abrogate the constitution to get his way. This is now.
The US president, George Bush, will undergo what aides described as a routine colonoscopy tomorrow, temporarily leaving vice-president Dick Cheney in charge.

The White House press secretary, Tony Snow, said Mr Bush will have the procedure done at his Camp David retreat in Maryland.
Now the running jokes are either that they're looking for Bush's brain (don't be silly, Karl's still in the White House) or FOX News.

But I sincerely wish Dubya all the best tomorrow. People have died under anaesthetic and I really, really don't want Cheney to be the Commander In Chief.

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