Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Instahoglets July 31 2007

By Cernig

There's so much going on today that I'll never get around to writing about it all. Must be time for a link dump.

Rummie claims he is too busy to talk about Pat Tillman in front of Henry Waxman's committee. The White House is still citing "executive privilege" in refusing to hand over certain documents about Tillman's death. Unles they've redefined the phrase, that's an admission Bush himself (the Executive who has the privilege) was involved in discussions about the matter. Way to support the troops, folks!

Update As I was writing, it surfaced that Rummie can find a gap in his diary tomorrow after all. Amazing what the thought of a subpoena can do to clear the schedule.

The Democratic Daily has the snark-of-the-day talking about Ted Stevens (R-Corruption): "Bridge to Nowhere? $320 Million. The Internet? A series of tubes. Putting a hold on the ethics bill to protest being criminally investigated? Priceless."

Melissa has the snark on the latest memory-challenged White House CYA attempt while Steven Taylor has the wonkish analysis. The theme music for the Bush Years retrospective documentary should be Peter Gabriel's "I Don't Remember".

(Memo to Shamanic - I'm sure Josh Marshall won't mind if we steal this headline as a cafepress merchandise slogan.)

The idiots on the American right are still insisting on their meme but even the idiots on the British right have worked it out - Brown baffled Bush with bull**t and is now accomplishing his real reason for coming to America - sidestepping Dubya.

The US military is missing 190,000 guns in Iraq! Remember that figure when tomorrow's anti-Iran hit piece surfaces.

I am now allowed by UK law to tell you that a leaked 2004 UK government memo allegedly contained details of Bush suggesting that the offices of the Arabic satellite TV station al-Jazeera in the friendly nation of Dubai should be bombed. But I'm not allowed to say that the explosive contents of said memo were confirmed in court evidence. So I won't.

Tom Tancredo threatens to nuke Mecca.

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