Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Getting Kids to Love Reading

by shamanic

I know that this story is meant to be a dispatch from the culture war, but honestly, I think it's great from every angle. Parents should have options in what they're able to offer their kids, and if the Potter series (or any other media) delves into areas they're uncomfortable with, I'm genuinely pleased that authors are producing work more in line with their views. And if the books engage the kids in the joy of reading, there's just no downside.

Then there's the author's side of the equation. This line caught my eye: "Steeple Hill, the Christian fiction imprint of romance publisher Harlequin, will churn out 128 titles this year..." 128 Christian fiction titles from a single publisher in one year? That's not literature, that's a gold rush. That's a house just screaming for authors. What's your daily page output?

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