Wednesday, July 18, 2007


by shamanic

Yes, they are cowards. The servile tendency within the Republican caucus, the rallying around a leader that only they still suffer fealty to, is terrible for America.
Anyone searching for the highest forms of invertebrate life need look no further than the floor of the U.S. Senate last week and this. These spineless specimens go by various names -- Republican moderates; respected senior Republicans; Dick Lugar, John Warner, Pete Domenici, George Voinovich.

They have seen the folly of our course in Iraq. The mission, they understand, cannot be accomplished. The Iraqi government, they discern, is hopelessly sectarian.

In wisdom, they are paragons. In action, they are nullities.
Last November, the public issued a stunning rebuke to the policies of George W. Bush and his simpering lackeys in the congress. We turned both houses over to the opposition party. We turned a number of governorships over to the opposition party. We turned a number of state houses over to the opposition party. In fact, in the entire United States, not a single Republican replaced a Democrat in any election for a federal office or state governor. I don't know how much more clearly we can state our wishes, but still the lockstep cowards of the GOP persist in blocking our goals.

The party that hates democracy will ultimately be removed from it. November 2008 may well spell the end of the GOP as a contributing piece of the American body politic.

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