Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bush putting on the hits

By Libby

Following up on Cernig's post, I managed to catch some press last night on Bush's latest attempt to sell his failed occupation "plan" as the path to victory. Like Cernig, I find it hardly worth mentioning. I'm of the mind that practical developments on the ground will eventually force Bush to draw down the troops in the spring regardless of his current rhetoric.

However, I did find the B side of our Feckless Leader's broken record rather amusing. He apparently feels he hasn't quite bankrupted his political capital just yet.
The White House sees a chance to regain some advantage in the yearly spending debates. The aim is to simplify the arcane appropriations process into a message that resonates with the public: Bush will stop Democrats from spending too much of the public's money.

Indeed, Bush is itching for a fight and promising vetoes of spending bills.

Right. The message is a president that spends $20 billion tax dollars a month on babysitting a civil conflict in a foreign country because he's too stubborn to admit his occupation has failed is going to stop the Democrats from spending a few million extra on social programs for military veterans and working Americans.

Heck, I guess the GOP can breathe a sigh of relief now. That's bound to be a big hit with the average Jake. No doubt they'll just be flocking back to the party.

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