Monday, July 02, 2007

Another blogger steps up to save the GOP

by shamanic

Welcome Balloon Juice's Tim F. to the 2008 race for the Republican nomination! He claims a full inch in height over current blogger and former mime Jim Henley, and hits me with this weird criticism:
Piffle. Shamanic’s shameless pandering to the lesbian vote will clearly cost her (?) those gay voters who consider lesbians cliquish and preachy.
Cliquish and preachy? Well if that isn't the very definition of a Republican!

Tim joins a crowded field of liberal bloggers prepared to save the GOP from itself, and I for one welcome my newest opponent. John McCain is also reportedly very excited about our nascent insurgencies, offloading at least 50 seasoned staffers for us to divvy between us.

(What the hell is this about? It all began here.)

Update By "Uncle C" Rove Jim Henley is on the attack, claiming Tim F. is only a pale shadow of Jim's own candidacy, and seems to be offering the VP ticket to our own Libby! Yet still he refuses to scotch those mime rumors.

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