Friday, June 08, 2007

Thompson Fundraising Update

Via TPM Election Central, Ryan Sager writing at Latest Politics is reporting that Fred Thompson in his first two days actively fundraising brought in slightly more than $350,000. The average donation is about $100 which is actually pretty good indicator of small donor support. IIRC the typical Dean donation in 2003 from the web was in the $65 to $85 range depending on the bat and the motivation behind the event.

The sum that Mr. Thompson raised however is not that impressive. Wesley Clark raised 3.3 million in the 3rd Quarter of 2003 despite only announcing his candidacy two weeks before the filing deadline. That was a pace of $230,000 per day which is a higher pace than the similiarly situated Fred Thompson campaign in a much richer environment.

If small donor enthusiasism can be somewhat measured by Internet donations, then I am not too worried about a wave of Thompsoniacs sweeping the Republican primary voting electorate

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