Friday, June 08, 2007

Beauty for the Brave

By Cernig

My good friend Mr. M at Comments From Left Field just emailled me asking for my support in spreading the word about a worthy cause. Very worthy, and I'm happy to oblige.
we at Comments From Left Field have decided to support the "Beauty for the Brave" campaign. 100% of the proceeds go to Fisher House which is an organization that builds homes outside of military hospitals so that family members can have a place to stay free of charge while their loved one receives treatment for injuries incurred while serving overseas.

Me, I don't know if I could have fulfilled my time in the service without the support of the people I call family, and I had it easy. Imagine coming back from Iraq, no legs, or an arm missing, learning how to walk again, or how to reenter life as left handed when you have been a right hander for all of your life.

Now imagine doing it alone.

That is the kind of scenario that Fisher House seeks to avoid, and I for one support them completely.

The Beauty for the Brave campaign is simple. It merely asks people to point out one
beauty product that they use on a regular basis, and go without once. Lipstick, moisturizer, anything. Skip it for just one shopping trip, and instead use the money to donate instead.
Mr. M is doing without his expensive $10 bucks a bottle hair goop. So we all have to put up with him being grumpy because of his permanent bad hair day but some veteran and his family get some respite. That's a good swap. I'm going to give up my bubble-baths and just use plain old soap.

Here's the link again. Now go tell a friend all about it.

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