Thursday, June 21, 2007

"A Strongly Negative Mindset" -- Updated

by shamanic

14% of Americans have a great deal or quite a lot of confidence in Congress, according a Gallup survey out today. I'm actually very enthused by numbers like this, because to me they say clearly that what the public wants is responsive, active government that legislates common-sense solutions to problems.

We know that the GOP doesn't do this, and we also know that the GOP won't allow the slim Democratic majorities in both houses to have accomplishments (i.e., work for the people, as we resoundingly elected them to do). We know that Bush will be Bush will be Bush will be Bush, and not a goddamn thing (pardon my blogger incivility) is going to change on his watch.

So we're kind of pissed. I think a lot of people woke up in the days after the last election feeling that, finally, an opportunity for things to get better was here. But we're stuck with the do-nothing GOP roadblocking the agenda that won over a great majority of voters (and remember that Democrats generally represent high-population areas, so even when there were only 44 Dem senators, they represented something like 53% of votes cast in the previous three elections).

Frankly, I don't know what that 14% is thinking, unless those are Republicans. For those of us who want a government that works, these are bitterly sad days. When the Republicans were in charge, you knew your voice wasn't worth a thing; now that the Dems have the lead, it's a special kind of ache to learn that your allies in Congress are still basically powerless to represent you.

Later on...: You've got to read this piece at Cannonfire. Not sure I agree with Joseph's assessments about the conservative nature of Americans, but I love his full throated attack on ideological purists among Democrats.

For a dose of the same from Republicans, take a look at Tom Tancredo's statements about Mike Bloomberg's party jump (quoted in The Hill):
“Good riddance,” Republican presidential candidate Rep. Tom Tancredo (Colo.) said of Bloomberg, and added that others should follow suit because “it would be a truer reflection of who they really are.”
No wonder the GOP is shrinking.

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