Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Christian Right Zeal For Jewish Annihilation

By Cernig

Wouldn't it be interesting to discover just how many, exactly, of the uber-right's talking heads, think-tankers and Bush administration policymakers - all currently talking up a "clash of civilisations" and advocating the bombing of Iran - subscribe to thinking like this, from rightwing nutjob news-site MichNews today:
Prophecy continues to unfold. The Bible has warned about Middle East turmoil increasing "in the latter times."

In Ezekiel 36-39, God speaks of bringing Jews from around the world to Israel, not because they deserve their own land but to vindicate His holy name. They besmirched deity's holy name by repeatedly sinning over centuries; but God will not tolerate His holiness smeared without vindication, hence Jews gravitating to Israel "in the end times."

So look to the divine miracle: May 14, 1948, when Israel became a nation for the first time in centuries. Jews from all over the globe went to Israel, their homeland.

Ezekiel predicted Israel's flourishing: herds, flocks, fruitage, ruined cities rebuilt.

With Israel having settled in, however, biblical predictions go on to state that the enemies surrounding Israel attack Jews mercilessly. Blood flows like rivers.

Natural calamities come also upon Israel, convincing Jews and Gentiles alike that God is God and that His holiness must be recognized.

At the close of the Church Age — "in the latter days" — Israel will then come under the blessing of the returned Messiah Christ's peace.

...What is particularly interesting is that the Ezekiel Israel-signs are in place — Jews returned to Israel as their own nation, Israeli enemies staged to attack Israel, and threats of global holocaust coming from the chief killing antichrist on the planet — Islam.

Put the more generic signs of Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21 alongside the specific Israel signs of Ezekiel 36-39 and you have the converging of the "latter day" signs.
It has always amazed me that Israel has willingly allied itself with those who, at base, have nothing but bigotry to offer it and are most keen to secure its bloody destruction.

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