Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Turkish Invasion Tension - Update

By Cernig

The situation on the Turkish border with Kurdish Iraq, which has been grinding towards a Turkish cross-border operation similiar to Israel's operation in Lebanon last summer, is reaching new heights of tension.

Not only has Turkey sent more tanks to the border but Turkish soldiers are telling journalists to leave the area. That's a possibly key signal at a time when Turkish PM Edogan is telling the US "Our patience has run out." Up until now, the Turkish media has been full of " images of military trucks rumbling along the remote border with Iraq's Kurdish zone and tanks being transferred on trains and trucks."

Meanwhile Turkey has formally protested to Washington about an incursion into their airspace bordering Iraq by two USAF F-16 fighters. Although the US says the violation was accidental, "Turkish media said it was intended to send a message to Ankara not to send its troops into Iraq".

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