Wednesday, May 30, 2007

God, Having a Dark Sense of Humor

by shamanic

Today is my 31st birthday. As an attention-avoider, I don't make a big deal about these sorts of things, but I have to give it to my always-attention-seeking grandmother in Dallas, Texas, to steal my birthday thunder by selecting this morning to die.

She's been degrading with Alzheimer's for about the last 15 years, and two weeks ago she was diagnosed with a recurrence of colon cancer that she beat sometime in the late 1960s. How's that for stuff sticking around in the body?

Anyway, it's one of those days I guess. If you've got a friend, family member, or other loved one around, take a moment to give 'em a squeeze. I won't get to see my family until the weekend, at which time there will be much squeezing going on. Beat me to it if you have the chance. They're precious. Tell 'em so.

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