Monday, March 28, 2005

Red Queen Republicans

I can believe six impossible things before breakfast - The Red Queen.

We all know that Republicans are starting to get confused by their own logical contradictions. Look at the furore (ha...what a word for a Monday morning!)over Congress interfering in the Terry Schiavo case. Look at the backflips they have to make to justify torture of brown people while still trying to claim the moral high ground as lovers of freedom, equality and justice for all. Something a commenter, Steve, said in the thread about tax avoidance by the super-rich jogged a braincell. Now, I have another rightwing meme that should be logically coherent with their stated positions but I bet isn't in line with what the White House wants them to think.

"In times of war when the military needs every cent for armor, bullets and bandages, it is verging on treasonous to avoid paying taxes even if the methods used are ostensibly legal. It certainly isn't supporting the troops or the war on terror."


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