Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Vetted Interests - Updated

By Libby

In arguing for Hillary's electability, her supporters often maintain that she has been under attack by the right wing smear machine for so long that she is completely vetted. But is that really true? Is there really nothing at all left unearthed that could come back to bite her in the general? Obama comes out today and asks a question that raises a doubt. Why won't she reveal her tax returns, as he has already done?

Interestingly, I just ran across this graph that shows the Clinton's net worth. I don't how reliable this site is, but it cites public sources for the data. If this is true then I'm certainly curious to know how it is that the Clintons' personal wealth skyrocketed from just under $3 mill to almost $35 mil in the last three years.

Perhaps, it's something as simple as wise investments in Chelsea's hedge fund, but if the Clinton camp wants to demand that Obama account for his dealings with this Rezko person, then I would think it's only fair they disclose the source of their own financial gains. Anything less looks a little hypocritical to me.

Update: To be clear, I'm not implying the Clintons have done anything untoward. The point is all the candidates, including Mr. McCain, should be held to the same standard of full disclosure.

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