Sunday, March 09, 2008

Time for a new hobby?

I have no problems with time consuming and non-lucrative hobbies; blogging has become that for me --- a very enjoyable hobby with some great colleagues and lots of ideas. As a blogger I started off at thirty readers a day in the first couple of months to 1,000 readers a day, on average here, and have been successful in achieving some of my goals with blogging. It is enjoyable and rewarding, so I'll continue it.

It seems that Republican Jim Oberweis needs to conduct a review of his hobby of running for office -- it seems very stressful, expensive and unsuccessful, from the Chicago Tribune....

Rookie candidate Bill Foster scored a comfortable victory over Republican dairyman Jim Oberweis, who lost his fourth high-profile contest in six years, after an expensive and highly negative contest. [emphasis mine]

I recommend gardening or beer stein collecting, much more relaxing than losing races for office

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